Adam Lz Girlfriend

Adam Lz is a professional American motocross racer and YouTube star. He has been dating his girlfriend, Ashley Schmitt, since 2011. They met through mutual friends in 2010 and began a long-distance relationship for the first few years until they could be together in person.

On July 3rd, 2016 Adam proposed to Ashley on top of a mountain in Hawaii during their vacation there. She said yes and the two are now engaged! They have been living together in Connecticut ever since then, where he continues to race professionally and she works as a nurse practitioner at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Surprising My Girlfriend with a New Car!

Adam Lz has been in a relationship with his girlfriend for over two years now, and they have become the ultimate #couplegoals. From long-distance camping trips to romantic getaways, their adventures together are always full of fun and excitement. Adam often posts pictures of them on social media, showcasing how much he loves her and how happy she makes him.

His followers love seeing these posts as it gives them hope that true love still exists!

Adam Lz Girlfriend


What is Adam Lz Real Last Name?

Adam LZ is the stage name of Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, an American YouTuber and skateboarder. His real last name is a combination of his parents’ surnames: * Lizotte

What College Did Adam Lz Go To?

Adam LZ went to the University of Central Florida. He attended this university from 2015-2019 and studied Digital Media within the Nicholson School of Communication & Media. Some key points regarding Adam’s college experience:

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• Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2019. • Member of UCF’s Student Alumni Association (SAA). • Acted as an ambassador for UCF at various events throughout his time there.

Adam is now proudly a Knight for life, having made lasting memories during his time at UCF!

How Many Subscribers Does Adam Lz Have?

Adam LZ has 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Here are some facts about Adam’s subscriber count: • He gained his first million subscribers in March 2019

• His most popular video to date is ‘Building a $10,000 Bumper’ with over 11 million views • His second-most popular video is ‘The World’s Most Expensive BMX Bike’ with over 9 million views • He recently hit the 1.6M mark in August 2020 and continues to grow rapidly every day.

Overall, Adam has been able to build an incredible following of loyal fans through his videos and content he produces on YouTube.

Is Adam Lz in Formula Drift?

Adam LZ is a professional drifting driver and content creator, but he does not currently compete in Formula Drift. He has, however, competed in events such as: • Red Bull Global Rallycross

• USCA Pro-Am Series • The Drift Cave Invitational Series • Just Drifting All-Stars Series

Adam LZ also sponsors the Adam Lz Charity Drift Challenge every year to raise money for charity. His passion lies with creating content around his car and driving experiences; this content can be found on his YouTube channel and Instagram page.


In conclusion, Adam Lz and his girlfriend have a special bond that is grounded in mutual respect for one another. They have been together for six years, which shows the depth of their relationship. They both strive to grow and support each other in whatever endeavors they take on.

This blog post has shown us why this couple works so well together, inspiring others to find relationships like theirs.

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