Akademiks Girlfriend

Akademiks is an American DJ, content creator, and hip-hop personality. As of 2021, he does not appear to have a girlfriend. Akademiks was previously in a relationship with Nicole Lynn Phelps (also known as Nikki Mudarris).

The two started dating in 2017 but ended their relationship shortly after. In 2020, during the time of his beef with Joe Budden, fans speculated that Akademiks had another girlfriend named Sheena Evans. However, neither Akademiks nor Sheena ever confirmed the rumors so it remains unclear whether they were actually together at any point or not.

JORDANS N DIAMONDS /smiley beats up AKADEMIcs girlfriend in miami

The rapper Akademiks has recently been linked to a new woman in his life! While the identity of his girlfriend is unknown, fans are speculating that it may be someone from the music industry. With her support and encouragement, Akademiks continues to make waves in hip hop with his unique sound and style.

Fans can’t wait to find out more about who this mysterious woman is!

Akademiks Girlfriend

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What Race is Dj Akademiks?

DJ Akademiks is an African-American race. He was born in Jamaica and raised in Newark, New Jersey. He has become a popular music commentator due to his social media presence and his YouTube channel’s success.

His commentary often focuses on the hip hop industry and its culture. Notable points about DJ Akademiks: • Born in Jamaica

• Raised in Newark, NJ • Popular music commentator

Is Akademiks Jamaican?

No, Akademiks is not Jamaican. It is an American urban streetwear clothing brand founded in 1999 by two brothers from New Jersey.

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The main features of the brand include:

– Low-cost street apparel and accessories for men, women and children – High-end collaborations with other fashion brands such as Puma and Reebok – A variety of unique graphic designs on their items

Akademiks has become a popular choice among hip hop fans due to its stylish yet affordable clothing options. The brand’s dedication to creating quality pieces that are inspired by the latest trends in urban fashion makes it appealing to many across the globe.


Overall, the Akademiks Girlfriend blog post paints a clear picture of the rapper’s relationship with his current partner. It is evident that they have been together for more than three years and are still going strong. The couple seems to be very supportive of each other despite their different backgrounds and lifestyles.

They share similar values when it comes to family, friends, and career goals which helps them maintain their bond as a couple. With such dedication and loyalty towards one another, this relationship will surely stand the test of time.

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