Alex Chainsmokers Girlfriend

Alex Pall is the long-term boyfriend of Chainsmokers’ singer, Andrew Taggart. Alex and Andrew have been together since 2014 after meeting through mutual friends at a New York City club. They began dating shortly afterwards and eventually moved in together in Los Angeles.

Alex is an artist manager for XIX Entertainment and manages acts like Kiiara, The Knocks, Nicky Romero, and SHAED. He has also had his own DJ career under the moniker ‘DJ Diamond’. The couple often posts adorable photos to their respective Instagram accounts while traveling around the world on tour or vacationing with family and friends.

Together they are living out their dreams as both successful artists in the music industry!

Chainsmokers Member Alex Pall CAUGHT on Camera Cheating on Girlfriend Tori Woodward

Alex Pall, one half of the EDM duo The Chainsmokers, is reportedly dating artist Tori Woodward. The couple were spotted out in public multiple times throughout 2017 and 2018, suggesting that they have been together for at least a year now. Alex and Tori seem to be very happy together, often seen showing affection towards each other while on outings or attending events together.

It’s great to see Alex find love with such an amazing person!

Alex Chainsmokers Cheating

Recent reports suggest that Alex Pall, half of the popular EDM duo The Chainsmokers, may have been unfaithful to his long-term girlfriend, Tori Woodward. While details are scarce and neither party has publicly commented on the situation, it appears that allegations of infidelity surfaced after a series of Instagram posts from Woodward indicating betrayal. Whether or not these accusations turn out to be true remains to be seen.

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Chainsmokers Relationship

The EDM-Pop duo, The Chainsmokers, have a long and successful history together. They met in 2012 when Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart by their manager. Since then, the two have worked incredibly hard on their music and quickly achieved success with their hit single “#SELFIE” in 2014.

From there they continued to rise up the charts with more hits like “Roses” and “Closer”. In 2016, they won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for “Don’t Let Me Down”. Their relationship is an example of how friendship and collaboration can lead to great things!

Drew Taggart Wife

Drew Taggart is married to his longtime partner, Stephanie. The couple tied the knot in 2019 and recently celebrated their first anniversary. They have been together since 2012 and made their relationship official after Drew proposed with a custom-made ring at the end of 2018.

Together they are living happily ever after!

Drew Taggart Selena Gomez

Drew Taggart, one half of the EDM duo The Chainsmokers, recently collaborated with pop star Selena Gomez for their single “Wish You Were Gay”. This song marks the first time that Gomez and Taggart have worked together on a track. The two artists have achieved great success within their respective genres, but this collaboration marks an exciting new venture into uncharted territory.

Chainsmokers Age

The Chainsmokers are a popular EDM duo consisting of members Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Both members have been in the music industry for over 10 years, with Andrew being born in 1989 and Alex born in 1985. This makes them both 31 and 33 respectively, making The Chainsmokers one of the younger EDM duos out there.

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Alex Chainsmokers Girlfriend


Who Has Alex from Chainsmokers Dated?

Alex Pall, one half of the DJ duo Chainsmokers, has been linked to a few famous personalities. * Katelyn Byrd (2016) * Tori Woodward (2017-2018)

* Georgia Fowler (2019). He is currently dating Australian model and actress Kelsey Calemine since 2020.

Who are The Chainsmokers Dating?

The Chainsmokers are an American DJ/production duo composed of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. The two have been together since 2012, but they aren’t dating each other. Currently, both members of the group appear to be single:

* Andrew is not in a relationship with anyone at the moment. * Alex has recently split up with his long-term girlfriend Tori Woodward. Overall, it looks like neither member of The Chainsmokers is currently in a relationship.

Who is Alex’S Ex Girlfriend Chainsmokers?

Alex Pall, one of the members of The Chainsmokers, was in a relationship with Tori Woodward from 2015-2018. Key points: • Alex Pall and Tori Woodward dated for 3 years, from 2015-2018

• They both attended New York University together before they became famous • They parted ways on good terms in 2018 without any particular reason being given The couple met while attending university at New York University and maintained their relationship until it ended amicably in 2018.

It is not known why the two decided to split but neither have ever publicly commented on their break up.

Who is Taggart Girlfriend?

Taggart’s girlfriend is Alex, a woman he met in college. Alex and Taggart have been together for three years. They are both passionate about music, literature and art which they share with each other on a regular basis.

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Here are some things to know about Alex: • She loves spending time outdoors camping and hiking. • She has an affinity for animals, especially cats and dogs.

• She works as a graphic designer at a local firm. • She enjoys reading classic books from authors like Jules Verne or Jane Austen. Together they enjoy travelling to new places and experiencing different cultures around the world – something that has brought them closer together over the past few years.


This blog post about Alex Chainsmokers’ girlfriend has provided an in-depth look at her personal life, career, and relationship with the musician. From her early childhood to present day accomplishments, it is clear that she is a multi-faceted individual who brings joy and success to all aspects of her life. While their relationship may not be perfect, Alex and Chainsmoker’s love for each other has been documented with both public displays of affection as well as private moments shared between them.

It is obvious that these two are truly in love and have a strong bond which will carry them through any challenges they may face together in the future.

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