Andrew Cuomo’S Girlfriend

Andrew Cuomo is currently in a relationship with Sandra Lee, an American television personality. Lee and Cuomo have been together since 2005 and have been living together since 2015. Lee is known for her Food Network shows Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee and Money Saving Meals.

She has also written multiple cookbooks on the same topics as well as other lifestyle books such as Made From Scratch: Reclaiming The Pleasures Of The American Hearth (2009). In addition to her successful career, she serves as Executive Director of the non-profit organization Common Ground Foundation which provides mentorship opportunities for inner city youth across New York State.

The Truth About Andrew Cuomo And Sandra Lee's Relationship

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, is currently in a relationship with Food Network celebrity chef Sandra Lee. The two have been together since 2005 and continue to be supportive of each other’s careers. They recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary in 2015 with a romantic getaway in Italy.

Lee has become an integral part of Cuomo’s life as she helps him balance his professional life while also providing support for his three daughters from a previous marriage. Together they are a great example of strength and love!

Is Andrew Cuomo Single

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been single since his divorce to Kerry Kennedy in 2005. He and Kennedy had three daughters, who remain a priority in his life. In recent years, he has been linked to Sandra Lee, but they never confirmed their relationship publicly.

Andrew Cuomo Wife

Andrew Cuomo, the current Governor of New York, is married to Sandra Lee. The couple have been together since 2005 and tied the knot in 2019. Lee is a celebrity chef who has written multiple cookbooks and hosts her own cooking show on Food Network.

She also runs a charity called Sandras’ Mission which works to fight poverty and hunger in New York City. Andrew and Sandra are often seen attending events together around the state, showing their support for philanthropic causes close to them both.

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Andrew Cuomo Sandra Lee

Andrew Cuomo, the current Governor of New York, and Sandra Lee, a celebrity chef and author, have been in a relationship since 2005. The two met when Cuomo was serving as New York’s Attorney General and were married in May of this year. They have one daughter together, who resides with them in Albany.

Both Cuomo and Lee are very active in their respective fields; Cuomo has been working to make improvements to the state of New York while Lee is busy creating new recipes for her audience.

What is Andrew Cuomo Doing Now

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been focusing on the state’s response to COVID-19, with a particular emphasis on controlling its spread and mitigating the economic impact of coronavirus. He has announced plans for reopening businesses, schools, and other services, as well as providing financial assistance to those affected by the pandemic. He also continues to lead efforts in testing and tracing throughout New York State.

Governor Cuomo is committed to protecting public health while promoting economic recovery across New York.

Sandra Lee, Ben Youcef

Sandra Lee and Ben Youcef have been working together to raise awareness about their fight against childhood cancer. They are both dedicated to bringing hope and joy to children battling this disease, while providing support for those affected by it. Through the organization they founded called “Kids Curing Cancer”, Sandra and Ben have launched campaigns aimed at raising funds for research on new treatments and therapies that will help save more lives.

In addition, they work with local hospitals to provide care packages for families dealing with a child’s diagnosis as well as organizing events such as walks/runs in order to spread the message of support.

Andrew Cuomo'S Girlfriend


What was Andrew Cuomo’S Ex Girlfriend’S Name?

Andrew Cuomo’s ex-girlfriend was Sandra Lee. Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo had been in a relationship since 2005, and they announced their split in September 2019. They are both well-known public figures in New York, with Lee being an Emmy Award winning television chef and author of numerous cookbooks, while Cuomo is the current governor of the state.

During their time together, they were often seen out at events around town or on vacation together and seemed to be very happy as a couple. Despite their breakup, it appears that there is still mutual respect between them as evidenced by speeches made by both individuals about each other after their separation was announced. It will certainly be interesting to see what happens between them next now that they have gone their separate ways!

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What Ever Happened to Sandra Lee?

Sandra Lee is an American television chef and author who rose to fame in the early 2000s through her Food Network cooking shows and books. After a successful career, Sandra announced her retirement from television in 2015 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Following that announcement, she has been focusing on recovery while continuing to write cookbooks and promote healthy home cooking.

During this time, she has also become a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness, sharing her story with others who are battling the disease and raising money for medical research. In 2020, Sandra released her latest book “Made From Scratch” which focuses on easy-to-make recipes that can be enjoyed by all family members at any skill level. As we look back on Sandra’s inspiring journey of resilience and dedication to helping others through food and advocacy, we know that whatever happens next will surely be just as amazing!

Is Cuomo Single Now?

Yes, Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently single. He was previously married to Kerry Kennedy from 1990-2003 and has been single since then. The New York governor has kept his personal life fairly private, but it’s believed he hasn’t had a serious relationship since the split.

Despite being unmarried, Cuomo is still quite involved in the lives of his three daughters who were born during his marriage with Kennedy. Recently, there have been rumors that Cuomo may be dating a woman named Sandra Lee, though neither party has confirmed this speculation as true or false. Overall, Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to be living the single life for now — focused on raising his children and governing New York State rather than pursuing romantic relationships at this time in his life.

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Who is Sandra Lee Cuomo?

Sandra Lee Cuomo is an American business executive, author, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Sandra Lee Brands, LLC, a company that offers a variety of products from apparel to home décor. She has written several books on personal finance and self-improvement as well as creating several educational programs focusing on financial literacy.

Sandra Lee Cuomo is also an active philanthropist who supports causes related to education, women’s rights, children’s welfare and the environment. Through her work she seeks to empower people with the tools they need for success in life and business. Her recent initiatives include working with organizations such as Girls Who Code to increase awareness about coding among young girls; launching The Adopt-A-School initiative which provides students in underserved communities access to technology; and co-founding InvestEDNYC which helps young entrepreneurs start their own businesses through mentoring resources.


In conclusion, it is clear that Andrew Cuomo has a long and successful career in politics as well as an equally impressive personal life. His relationship with Sandra Lee proves to be strong and inspiring, showing us all the power of love and commitment. Together they have created a beautiful family dynamic that many aspire to achieve.

It is obvious that the couple are very much in love, and they prove time after time how their relationship can continue to grow even through tough times. We wish them both nothing but happiness for their future together!

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