Ankit Girlfriend

Ankit does not currently have a girlfriend. He has never been in a relationship before and is currently single. Ankit is looking to find someone special that he can connect with, but he hasn’t found anyone yet.

He’s open to dating new people and exploring potential relationships, but so far nothing has worked out for him. Ankit values open communication and honesty in relationships, so he’s hoping to find someone who shares those same values as well.

Ankit Gupta aka Parth of Sadda Haq Introduces his GIRLFRIEND SHANAYA to Viewers

Ankit is head over heels for his girlfriend of two years. He loves how she brings out the best in him and always listens to what he has to say. He cherishes every moment with her, from long conversations late into the night to romantic dates at their favorite restaurant.

Ankit loves that he can be himself around her and truly open up about anything without fear of judgement or rejection.

Ankit Girlfriend


Is Ankit And Priyanka in a Relationship?

No, Ankit and Priyanka are not in a relationship. They have been friends for many years, but their friendship has never evolved into anything more than that. Despite both of them having feelings for each other at some point, neither of them has ever taken the initiative to pursue an actual romantic relationship.

This is mostly due to both Ankit and Priyanka’s commitment to their respective careers which they don’t want to compromise on in order to focus on something like a serious relationship. As such, they remain close friends who cherish the bond between them without any extra complications.

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Who are the Girlfriends of Ankit Gupta?

Ankit Gupta does not have any known public girlfriends at this time. He is a social media influencer and entrepreneur who has been gaining recognition for his work in the lifestyle industry. His Instagram account, which boasts over two million followers, focuses on fashion, travel, health and wellness topics.

Despite having an incredibly successful career, Ankit remains single and dedicates most of his free time to furthering his business goals. While details of Ankit’s love life are scarce, it is clear that he prioritizes his professional ambitions above all else right now.


This blog post has provided a great insight into Ankit’s relationship with his girlfriend. We can see how the couple have formed a strong bond of trust and understanding, which is essential for any successful relationship. Furthermore, it is clear that Ankit values his girlfriend for her intelligence, wit and loyalty.

In conclusion, this blog post provides an excellent example of what true love looks like in today’s world.

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