Anthony Cumia Girlfriend

Anthony Cumia is currently dating a woman named Danielle Brand. She is an entrepreneur who works in the fashion industry and has her own clothing line. They have been together since 2018 and are very much in love.

In 2021, they announced their engagement on social media. Both of them frequently post pictures of each other on their respective social media accounts, showing off how happy they are together. Their relationship appears to be strong and loving, with both parties showing immense support for one another no matter what life throws at them.

It looks like Anthony has found his perfect match and will soon be getting married!

The Anthony & Dani Show: The Unarmed Edition (NEWLY RESTORED!)

Anthony Cumia, the controversial radio personality and former co-host of The Opie & Anthony Show, is reported to be in a committed relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Mel Greig. Greig has been described as “a beautiful Australian TV host” by various media outlets. The two have been together since 2017 and appear to be going strong ever since!

They often post pictures of their travels on their respective social media accounts, giving fans a rare glimpse into the life they share together.

Dani Golightly

Dani Golightly is an acclaimed British singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry since her debut album, The Elusive One, was released in 2018. With a unique blend of pop, soul, jazz and R&B influences, she has created a sound that is both captivating and timeless. Her songs have already been featured on major TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Chicago Fire.

She continues to perform sold-out concerts all around the world with her band Dani & The Electric Collective.

Anthony Cumia Missy Birrittella

Anthony Cumia and Missy Birrittella were an item for a while in the mid-2000’s. The two met on a radio show called Opie & Anthony, where Cumia was one of the hosts, and Birrittella was an intern. They dated for several years before breaking up in 2007 due to complications from long distance dating.

After their split, both have gone on to have successful careers; Cumia is now the host of his own podcast and Birrittella has gone into acting.

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Missy Birrittella Instagram

Missy Birrittella is an American digital content creator and influencer based in New York City. She has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram, where she posts photos of her daily life and shares fashion advice with her followers. Missy also works as a model, ambassador for various brands, and entrepreneur.

Her social media presence continues to grow as she uses her platform to promote body positivity and self-love.

Anthony Cumia Email

Anthony Cumia is an American radio host who currently hosts his own podcast, The Anthony Cumia Show. He was formerly the co-host of Opie and Anthony with Gregg Hughes on Sirius XM Radio from 1995 through 2014. His email address for fans to contact him is

Anthony Cumia South Carolina Home

Anthony Cumia, the radio show host best known for his time on the Opie and Anthony Show, has recently made South Carolina his home. After spending some time in New York City and Long Island, he decided to make a move down south due to its more laid-back lifestyle. His new residence is located in Myrtle Beach, where he can enjoy all of the area’s sunny beaches and outdoor activities while continuing to do his job remotely.

Anthony Cumia Girlfriend


Why Did Opie And Anthony Get Cancelled?

Opie and Anthony were cancelled in 2014 after the show had been on air for nearly 20 years due to a violation of FCC regulations. The duo, who was known for pushing boundaries with their edgy comedy and commentary, got removed from Sirius XM’s radio lineup when they allowed an uncensored version of a broadcast featuring comedian Louis C.K., who made some lewd comments about children that violated federal indecency laws. This ultimately led to Opie and Anthony’s removal from the airwaves as their employer felt it had no choice but to take action in order to comply with the law.

While many fans were disappointed by this decision, it served as an important reminder of how even the most popular shows need to be mindful of legal requirements if they want to stay on the air.

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What is Anthony Cumias Net Worth?

Anthony Cumia’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. After a successful career as an American radio personality, comedian and podcaster, Anthony has established himself as one of the most influential broadcasters in recent times. His podcast show “The Anthony Cumia Show” which he hosts on his own website has gained immense popularity over the years due to its unique blend of comedy and current affairs topics that appeal to listeners from all walks of life.

In addition to this, Anthony also earns money through various other ventures including appearances on television shows and endorsement deals. With such a lucrative source of income, it’s no wonder why he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with an impressive net worth!

How Much Did Anthony Cumias House Sell For?

Anthony Cumia’s house sold for $850,000. This is an impressive sum of money that reflects the success and hard work of Anthony throughout his career. The sale was a sign of growth in the real estate market and it shows that homes can still be purchased at a premium price even during difficult economic times.

It also serves as an example to others that investing in property can pay off in the long run. Furthermore, this sale demonstrates how successful people like Anthony are able to accumulate wealth over time by making smart investments and taking advantage of opportunities when they arise.

How Tall is Anthony Cumia?

Anthony Cumia is 5 feet 10 inches tall. At 5 feet 10 inches, Anthony Cumia stands out in a crowd and has often been recognized for his striking height. He has maintained this impressive stature throughout his career as a radio host, stand-up comedian and podcaster.

His towering presence adds an extra layer of intensity to whatever he’s doing on stage or behind the mic, which makes him all the more captivating to watch or listen to. Whether it’s making people laugh with his comedy routines, discussing controversial topics with guests on air, or simply inspiring others through his podcasts, Anthony Cumia’s unique ability to reach audiences is only amplified by how tall he is.

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In conclusion, Anthony Cumia has been in a relationship with several women since his divorce. His current girlfriend is Melissa Stetten and the two seem to be very happy together. They appear to have a strong connection that goes beyond the physical and they both enjoy spending quality time together.

Despite their age difference, they appear to be on the same page regarding their relationship goals and aspirations. It appears that Anthony has finally found someone who he can share his life with for many years to come.

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