A Rod Girlfriends

A Rod, also known as Alex Rodriguez, is a former professional baseball player. During his career he was linked to several high-profile women including actresses Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz, pop star Madonna and singer/songwriter Torrie Wilson. Additionally, A Rod has been casually linked with various other ladies in the public eye such as former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres and Brazilian model Luciana Bozan Barroso who would eventually become his wife.

In 2008 he began dating Anne Wojcicki who is the co-founder of 23andme but they broke up in 2011. From 2011-2014 A Rod was married to Cynthia Scurtis before the couple got divorced. Most recently he has been seen out with Jennifer Lopez after being close friends for many years which lead to speculation that they are now an item; however neither of them have confirmed anything officially yet.

A Rod’s girlfriends have been a topic of conversation and speculation for years, ever since the famed Yankees player began dating superstar singer-songwriter Madonna. From there, he went on to date Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson before settling down with his current wife Jennifer Lopez. Each one of these relationships has provided tabloid fodder for gossip magazines and websites, yet it is clear that A Rod truly loves his ladies.

His commitment to each relationship only highlights the fact that he is an incredibly devoted partner – something few celebrities can claim!

Girls Alex Rodriguez Has Dated

Who is A-Rod in a Relationship With?

Alex Rodriguez, known as A-Rod in the sports world, is currently in a relationship with Jennifer Lopez. The couple started dating in early 2017 and were engaged by 2019. They did not have a wedding ceremony but are legally wed according to their joint statement.

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A-Rod and JLo’s relationship has been well-documented: • Their first public appearance was at the MET Gala, after which they shared pictures on Instagram. • In 2018, they vacationed together around Europe and made a number of joint appearances on red carpets worldwide.

• Last year saw them travel to Miami for New Year’s Eve celebrations and hold an intimate engagement party with close friends and family members present. Their relationship has been going strong ever since – showing that love can be found regardless of age or background differences!

Who Else Has A-Rod Dated?

Alex Rodriguez has had a number of high profile relationships throughout his life. These include: * Cameron Diaz (2010-2011)

* Torrie Wilson (2011-2015) * Anne Wojcicki (2017-2019). Rodriguez was also linked to Madonnain 2008, although the two never officially confirmed their relationship.

He has been married twice and is currently engaged to Jennifer Lopez.

A Rod Girlfriends

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This blog post has provided great insight into the many girlfriends of A Rod, from his high school sweetheart to his most recent partner. It is clear that A Rod’s dating history has been varied and interesting throughout the years. He appears to have had a preference for a certain type of woman but also been willing to take risks and try new things when it comes to relationships.

Overall, this article provides an in-depth look into the romantic life of one of baseball’s all time greats!

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