Alex Hannold Girlfriend

Alex Hannold is a famous American rock climber. He does not currently have a girlfriend, but he did date fellow professional climber and photographer Sanni McCandless for two years before their relationship ended in 2017. Alex credits Sanni with inspiring him to live more adventurously and be less concerned about the consequences of his actions.

The couple met at an outdoor industry event in 2014, and it was immediately clear that they shared a passion for climbing, adventure, and exploring the outdoors together. Shortly after meeting each other, they began traveling across the United States to climb iconic peaks like Yosemite’s Half Dome or El Capitan. Despite having gone their separate ways romantically, Alex and Sanni remain close friends who continue to explore nature together today.

Girlfriend reacting to climbing with Alex Honnold

Alex Hannold, the renowned professional climber and free soloist, has been in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Sanni McCandless since 2016. While both have always kept their personal lives private, they’ve shared tidbits of their life together over the years on social media—including glimpses of stunning hikes they’ve taken and adorable moments like celebrating their anniversary with a homemade cake.

Alex Honnold Net Worth

Alex Honnold is an accomplished American climber who has achieved huge success in his career, with a net worth estimated to be $2 million. He rose to fame after becoming the first person ever to free solo climb Yosemite’s El Capitan, a feat that was documented in the Academy Award-winning film Free Solo. As well as climbing, Honnold also earns money from sponsored deals and endorsements from companies such as The North Face and La Sportiva.

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Alex Honnold First Wife

Alex Honnold, famous for his record-breaking free solo climbing feats, had a brief marriage with Sanni McCandless in 2016. The couple married that same year and separated only two years later in 2018. Despite their short relationship, the pair remain close friends to this day.

Is Alex Honnold Alive

Yes, Alex Honnold is alive and well! The world-renowned free solo climber achieved global fame in 2018 when he became the first person to ever climb Yosemite’s El Capitan without ropes or safety equipment. In 2020, Honnold won an ESPY Award for his incredible feat of athleticism and courage.

He continues to push the boundaries of rock climbing with daring ascents all over the world.

Alex Honnold Wife

Alex Honnold, a renowned free solo climber and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, married his long-time girlfriend Sanni McCandless in August 2019. The couple had been together since 2017 and got engaged while they were on a road trip to visit national parks around the US. They exchanged vows during an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and close friends at Washington state’s Olympic National Park.

Alex Honnold Instagram

Alex Honnold is the world-renowned rock climber who became famous for his record-breaking free solo ascent of Yosemite’s El Capitan in 2017. He can be found on Instagram @alexhonnold, where he shares glimpses into his life as a professional athlete and outdoorsman. From photos of stunning mountain vistas to funny behind-the-scenes clips from his various climbing expeditions, Alex’s Instagram account provides an inside look at one of the most remarkable athletes alive today.

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Alex Hannold Girlfriend


Are Alex Honnold And Sanni Still Together?

Yes, Alex Honnold and Sanni McCandless are still together. They first met in 2017 but began dating publicly in 2018. They appear to be going strong as of 2021:

• They recently moved into a new house together. • In 2020 they released their book ‘Greater Than Fear’ about their relationship and adventures around the world. • Alex has also called Sanni his “best friend” on multiple occasions, showing how close they are.

It’s clear that these two have found something special with each other, and we wish them all the best for many years to come!

What Does Sanni Mccandless Do?

Sanni McCandless is an advocate for sustainability and living life to its fullest. She believes in taking small steps to make a big difference and inspiring others to do the same. She works as an:

– Environmental Educator, teaching students about conservation and climate change. – Outdoor Adventure Guide, leading trips into wild places around the world. – Speaker, delivering presentations on topics like environmental stewardship and intentional living.

– Writer, sharing her experiences with her blog audience of over 50k followers. Sanni encourages people to reduce their carbon footprint by embracing sustainable practices at home and experiencing nature through meaningful outdoor adventures; making lasting changes that benefit both people and planet alike.

How Old is Sanni?

Sanni is 16 years old. Some of her interests include: • Playing tennis

• Music production • Exploring the outdoors She loves to make new memories and share them with friends and family.

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This blog post has explored the life of professional rock climber Alex Hannold and his relationship with girlfriend Sanni McCandless. It is clear that the couple have an incredibly strong bond, with both partners supporting each other in their individual pursuits and in their joint adventures. This inspiring story shows the power of love to help two people overcome challenges and achieve great things together.

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