Alexis Sanchez Ex Girlfriend

Alexis Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend is Mayte Rodriguez. They dated for seven years and had two children together, a daughter called Noemia and a son called Humberto. The couple split in 2019 due to personal reasons with both parties unable to come to an agreement over the future of their relationship.

After the breakup, Alexis seemingly moved on rather quickly as he was spotted out with actress Shannon de Lima shortly after his break up with Mayte. Sanchez has been very private about his love life since then but it appears that he is still single at this time.

Ex-lover hits out at Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez after his friends filmed them having sex

Alexis Sanchez’s ex-girlfriend, Mayte Rodriguez, is an Argentinian model who has been in the spotlight since her relationship with the superstar footballer. The couple was together for four years before splitting in 2018 and they have a daughter together named Salomé. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, both parents remain close and are dedicated to raising their daughter as best they can.

Alexis Sanchez Anna Modler

Alexis Sanchez Anna Modler is a Chilean dancer, choreographer and teacher of traditional Latin American dances. She has been teaching for over 30 years in Chile and other countries around the world, including Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica. Her style combines elements from different cultures such as flamenco, salsa and tango with traditional Latin American dance forms like zamacueca or Cueca Chilena.

She is known for her passionate performances that are both beautiful and powerful. Alexis’ work promotes cultural identity through movement and represents an important part of Chile’s rich history of folkloric traditions.

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Alexis Sanchez Gf

Alexis Sanchez, the world-renowned Chilean professional footballer, is currently in a relationship with Mayte Rodriguez. The couple has been together since 2018 and often posts pictures of their travels on social media. They have been spotted at several events together and appear to be very much in love.

Anna Modler Instagram

Anna Modler is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with over 500,000 followers on Instagram. She posts stylish outfits and inspiring quotes that motivate her fans to stay true to their own style. Her content also focuses on topics such as wellness, self-care, and travel experiences.

Anna has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the industry including Gucci and Dior for sponsored campaigns. She believes in using social media as a platform for positive change which she does by donating part of her earnings from sponsorships to charity organizations around the world.

Alexis Sanchez Ex Girlfriend


Who is Anna Modler?

Anna Modler is an Austrian TV presenter, actor and model. She is best known for presenting the show “Talk Talk” on ORF2 from 2011 to 2014. Career Highlights:

• Hosted ‘Talk Talk’ from 2011-2014 • Appeared in several films and television shows • Modeled for a number of fashion brands

Anna Modler has had a successful career as both a TV presenter and an actor. Her hosting duties have earned her recognition throughout Austria, while her modeling work has seen her become one of the top names in fashion today.

How Many Kids Has Eric Dier Got?

Eric Dier has two kids: a daughter, born in 2018 and a son, born in 2019.

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He is currently expecting his third child. Key Points:

• Eric Dier has two children; a daughter and a son. • He is expecting his third child.

Which Tottenham Player Got Engaged?

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli announced his engagement to model Ruby Mae in May 2020. The couple had been dating since 2016 and Alli proposed while they were holidaying in the Caribbean. * Dele Alli and Ruby Mae got engaged in May 2020

* The couple have been together since 2016 * Their engagement was announced whilst on holiday in the Caribbean Dele Alli has been a key part of Tottenham’s team for many years now, and with him set to marry it looks like he will be staying at Spurs for some time yet!

Does Alexis Sanchez Have a Child?

No, Alexis Sanchez does not have a child. He has never been married or engaged in any long-term relationships. Moreover, there is no record of him having a child out of wedlock either.

Below are some facts about his private life: • He currently resides in London with his two pet dogs Atom and Humber • In 2018 he was linked to Chilean actress Mayte Rodriguez but the relationship ended shortly afterwards

• He has previously been linked to model Laia Grassi as well as singer Sharon Fonseca In conclusion, it appears that Alexis Sanchez does not have children and is still single at present.


It is clear that Alexis Sanchez has had a wide range of relationships in his personal life, ranging from long-term partnerships to brief flings. His ex-girlfriends have been diverse and varied; some have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, while others have carved out their own niches in the entertainment industry. No matter what path they’ve taken though, these women all share one common thread: they were once romantically involved with one of the world’s biggest football stars.

Although it may be difficult for us mere mortals to keep up with all the details about Sanchez’s love life, we can certainly admire how he has managed to stay focused on his career despite any distractions along the way.

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