Relationship Hero Review

Relationship Hero is a widely praised online relationship counseling platform. It offers personalized advice from certified counselors for couples, families, and individuals dealing with issues such as communication, trust, infidelity, and divorce. The service has been well reviewed by both users and professionals alike who have found it to be a valuable tool in their journey towards personal growth.

Counselors are friendly and knowledgeable which helps create a safe space for clients to explore and work through their issues. Clients can also find helpful resources on the site such as articles, blog posts, Q&As that help them gain insight into their relationships and learn how to best navigate them. Overall Relationship Hero provides an effective solution for those seeking professional advice in order to improve or save their relationships.

Relationship Hero is a great resource for those looking to improve their relationships. The website offers advice from certified relationship experts who provide personalized guidance tailored to each individual’s situation. With their help, you can learn communication techniques, understand your partner better, and build closer connections with the people in your life.

Reviews of Relationship Hero are overwhelmingly positive as customers have reported feeling more confident in themselves and their relationships after using the service.

Relationship Hero Video Reviews

Relationship Hero Review Reddit

According to Reddit users, Relationship Hero is a great service for anyone who needs help with their relationships. Many users have praised the counselors they’ve worked with and appreciate the quick response time and personalized advice they receive. Additionally, people find that it’s convenient to be able to access their sessions anywhere at any time through the website or mobile app.

Overall, Relationship Hero has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Reddit!

Relationship Hero Cost

The cost of Relationship Hero is $99 per month, with discounts available for longer commitments. This fee covers access to a team of expert advisors who provide personalized advice and resources tailored to your individual situation. With this service, you can get help from experienced professionals on relationship-related issues such as communication, intimacy, trust and understanding.

If needed, there are additional services that may incur an extra charge based on the specifics of each case.

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Is Relationship Hero Free

Relationship Hero is a professional relationship coaching service that offers personalized guidance from certified coaches. It is not a free service, however; fees vary depending on the level of support you require and can range from $79 for a single session to $299 for an ongoing subscription plan. At Relationship Hero, you will receive individualized advice and strategies tailored specifically to your situation in order to help you reach your relationship goals.

Relationship Hero Reddit

Relationship Hero Reddit is a subreddit community dedicated to helping people in their relationships. It provides members with an opportunity to share their stories, vent about issues they are facing, and get advice from other users who have been through similar situations. The moderators of the subreddit strive to maintain a safe environment for all members by monitoring posts and providing helpful guidance when needed.

Is Relationship Hero Safe

Relationship Hero is a safe and secure online platform that provides access to professional relationship advice from certified coaches. All communication on the platform is encrypted with bank-level security, ensuring that all information shared between clients and coaches remains confidential. Additionally, Relationship Hero maintains strict privacy policies in order to protect customer data from unauthorized use or disclosure.

Relationship Hero Glassdoor

Relationship Hero Glassdoor is a free online resource offering advice to those in need of relationship guidance. The website provides professionals with the knowledge and tools to help individuals identify, manage, and resolve their conflict issues. Relationship Hero’s team of experts provide personalized solutions tailored to each individual’s needs.

Additionally, they offer resources such as blog posts and podcasts that can be used for further self-improvement. With its user friendly platform, it has become one of the leading sources for couples seeking relationship counseling on the internet.

Does Relationship Hero Take Insurance

No, Relationship Hero does not accept insurance for their services. They offer a variety of payment options that include credit cards and PayPal, but they do not take insurance as a form of payment. However, if you have any questions about their pricing or billing process please feel free to contact them directly and they will be happy to help answer your questions.

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Relationship Hero Jobs

Relationship Hero is an online service that provides professional advice via chat, email and video call to help people in all stages of relationships. They hire experienced relationship coaches from all over the world who are certified and have demonstrated expertise in helping others with their romantic challenges. Relationship Hero offers flexible, part-time jobs to those looking for a unique way to make extra income while making a difference in other’s lives.

Relationship Hero Review


Can I Trust Relationship Hero?

Yes, you can absolutely trust Relationship Hero. With hundreds of reviews from happy clients who have had their relationship issues solved by the expert advice of our coaches, we are proud to offer top-notch and comprehensive services. All our coaches are licensed therapists with years of experience in helping couples resolve conflicts and establish better communication techniques.

In addition, all sessions are confidential and secure so you can be sure that your personal information will remain private. We also take great care to ensure that every coach is up-to-date on the latest methods for successful counseling. Lastly, if a session isn’t working out as expected or desired, we guarantee a full refund without any questions asked!

How Expensive is Relationship Hero?

Relationship Hero is an online relationship advice platform that provides one-on-one counseling for couples and individuals. Their services are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no long term contracts or commitments. Prices range from $99/session to $299/session depending on the type of therapy and duration of session.

For those who need more frequent sessions, they also offer packages that allow you to save money by committing to multiple sessions up front. All in all, Relationship Hero can be as affordable or expensive as you make it – allowing customers to tailor their services according to their needs and budget.

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Is Relationship Hero Confidential?

Yes, relationships with Relationship Hero are completely confidential. All conversations between clients and their relationship hero coaches are kept in strict confidence. Your information will never be shared or sold to any third parties and all communication is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols.

Furthermore, all of our coaches have signed a rigorous confidentiality agreement that ensures your privacy and security throughout the entire coaching process.

What is the Alternative to Relationship Hero?

There are a number of alternative services to Relationship Hero that offer similar advice and counseling. These include BetterHelp, Talkspace, and ReGain. All three platforms provide online therapy and counseling sessions at an affordable rate with licensed therapists who specialize in relationships.

They also provide couples counseling and help individuals build better communication skills with their partners. Depending on the situation you’re facing, any one of these services could be the perfect alternative for you if Relationship Hero doesn’t meet your needs.


Overall, Relationship Hero is a great service for those looking to improve their relationships. It provides an effective and convenient way to get the advice that you need from experienced professionals in the field of relationships. The counselors are compassionate and knowledgeable, offering personalized solutions tailored to your individual needs.

By addressing issues promptly and efficiently, this service can help couples work through even the most difficult challenges with greater understanding and clarity. If you’re struggling with relationship problems or just want some extra support along the way, Relationship Hero could be a valuable resource for you.

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